Intuitive Coaching: These tools help you recognize and trust your unique abilities.

Trusting yourself allows for more confidence, less stress, good decision making, improved health and personal happiness. Finding our own answers is enjoyable and powerful. Paula may employ mindfulness, guided imagery, journaling, dream work or music to assist you with your life goals.

Clairvoyant Work– Reading is an ancient art and teachable skill. Perception involves using our inner vision or minds eye to see and express information useful to self and others. Inner pictures emerge from our unconscious. Readings bring validation insight and clarity, strengthening our values, choices, actions and life gifts. Paula reads individuals, families, community groups and corporations.

Whole Person Wellness: You are a whole person, having a body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Health and harmony are natural states. Living with physical challenges taught Paula how to be well and live with vitality. This work is not a substitute for medical care. Services are designed to help you practice self-care and feel great. You will be assisted in creating your own wellness plan.

Paula is trained in; Reiki, therapeutic- touch, cancer support, grief recovery and other gentle methods.

In addition, Paula offers public speaking, trainings and workshops with diverse venues.

Gift certificates are popular for private readings, coaching and wellness sessions.


Monday through Friday:  Noon Р8pm (Central standard time)
Saturday: Noon to 4pm (Central standard time)
Special arrangements are available.