Paula's Journey

As a premature born baby, I learned early on ‘Anything is Possible’. ​ It was 1954 in rural Nebraska. Not only was I a premie, born 2 1/2 months too early, I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and retinopathy (not so good eyesight that will never improve and only get worse with age). Then, at age four, my mother died. My childhood years were spent in stifling specialty hospitals and schools for repeated surgeries, painful rehabilitation and exhausting training. When I was able to be at home, my grandmother, Mildred, was my nurturer. There were years when I was unable to sit up or go outdoors. For my own safety and personal comfort, I learned to read people and situations very well. This gave me the skills to engage in challenges and to enjoy successful completion of them. I grew up whole and well. I credit my courage, creativity, compassion and wisdom born of my own experiences. My teachers, from preschool through graduate school, recognized my gifts and talents. They encouraged me from the start. Their support has been a model of providing loving service to others and myself. This goal serves as my life purpose. I excel as a teacher and a learner.

I earned an undergraduate degree in Psychology and Special Education from Creighton University, Nebraska. I later completed two Masters’ Degrees: one in Special Education , the second in Agency Counseling. I began my career life as a Special Education Teacher, then moved to Social Work and Social Services Administration with a final transition into Rehabilitation Counseling. I completed two grant funded positions within three years, then I made an easy decision to start my own business. My work involves Life Coaching, Specialized Counseling, Intuitive Training and Consultation. My qualifications to serve you include Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Certified Life Coach. I have trained with several other prestigious programs, including: The Exceptional Cancer Patient with Bernie Siegel, MD Grief work with Dr. S.M. Johnson, D.Min Therapeutic Touch with Delores Kreiger, PhD Healing with Quartz Crystals with Marcel Vogel, PhD Reiki Master Teacher Training with Mildred Freel, PhD My journey to successful self-employment has been and remains creative, positive, challenging and loving. I do have a profound respect and love for people. My other life loves encompass laughter, play, beauty in all forms, travel and spirituality. These experiences have fueled my passion for adventure. Adventures I am most proud of include: Training with the Dalai Lama Moving across the country twice by myself Traveling extensively through Europe, being mentored by Medicine Women and Men, and Co-authoring a life review journal, titled “A Celebration of Life” Each new adventure enriches my spirit. I continue to hone and to trust my intuition, always eager to listen to others and to help them create a life they love. Professional ethics statement, resume and instructional curriculum are available upon request. ​

“The pursuit of excellence in the face of adversity is always matched by the glory of the result.” – Unknown



Paula is one of those rare gems on the planet. I cannot imagine my life without her valuable consultations. Whether you need guidance around money, relationships, health or just on ways to live a more authentic and enjoyable life, Paula is well equipped to be a blessing to you. She brings her head and her heart to support you as an individual, a family or a business. She’s one of a kind. Call her!

F.P. Executive Coach


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