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Coaching: As a professional coach, Paula will help you do the following; assess your values and motivation, set goals, support and monitor your progress, accelerate your growth and assess successful outcomes. Coaching can be helpful for every area of your life including; personal development, relationships, health, career, finances and spiritual development. 

Psychic Skills: Reading is an ancient art and teachable skill. Perception involves using our inner vision or minds eye to see and express information useful to self and others. Inner pictures emerge from our unconscious. Readings bring validation, insight and clarity, strengthening our values, choices, actions and life gifts. Paula reads with individuals, families, community groups and corporations. Types of readings offered include ​Aura readings, problem solving, health, career, relationship, finances, past life and mediumship. Paula is capable of perceiving on many different levels. Her primary skill is visual intuition, which is called Clairvoyance. Readings can be done for current life situations to look at potential future patterns or can be done using specific skills. Aura readings are helpful for health concerns and personality traits. Past life readings can bring healing for current life challenges. Mediumship work helps people to connect with loved ones who have passed over. 

Counseling: You are a whole person, having a body, mind, emotions, and spirit. Health and harmony are natural states.  Entering a therapeutic/healing relationship is a personal choice we are all free to make throughout our lifetime. It is important to find the person or persons who match our values, emotions and personality. Once a good repour is established, your chosen professional can help you learn new skills, heal pain and move forward with confidence in your life. Paula recommends that you seek referrals from people you trust. Next, interview them, while observing if you feel peaceful about their personality, compassion and skills. Paula works with other integrative health care professionals and is comfortable making referrals. 

Energy Work: Defined as any technique that works with the electro-magnetic field of the body. All techniques involve centering, relaxation and focused intention. Some techniques are touch based, while others are not. Energy work is effective for stress and pain reduction, mental calmness & focus and strengthening emotion and physical immunity.  Paula is trained in; Reiki, therapeutic-touch, cancer support, grief recovery and other gentle methods.

​In addition, Paula offers public speaking, trainings and workshops with diverse venues. Gift certificates are popular for private readings, coaching and wellness sessions. ​ ​

Hours Monday through Friday: Noon – 8pm (CST) Saturday: Noon to 4pm (CST)

 Special arrangements are available. ​ ​

Client Responsibilities:  I have reserved appointment time for you. Kindly give 24-hour cancellation notice by calling 402-763-9957 or emailing me at [email protected]. Failure to give 24 hour notice will result in a $25 non-cancellation fee. You may request a 48-hour reminder call from me. Payment is expected at time of service. I look forward to working together. Thank you for your assistance. This work is not a substitute for medical care.

What Others Are Saying


For over 20 years Paula has been there during all the twists and turns in my life. Her confidential consultations have added great value to managing a new business and to facing emotional challenges and the deaths of loved ones. Her tools and healing presence have stayed with me long after we get off the phone. You are blessed to meet at least one person in your life whose quality of presence changes your life. Paula is that person for me and hopefully for you as well!

P.D. Associate Professor